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Atlas 300A Ionic Air Purifier Ozone Ionizer Breezer
Atlas 300A Ionic Air Purifier Ozone Ionizer Breezer
300A Ionic Air Purifier Ozone Ionizer Breezer

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Product Description

300A Ionic Air Purifier Ozone Ionizer Breezer
300a IONIC

*Does not meet CA requirements.
​ *Cannot ship to state of CA.

• Compact and portable size
• Up to four stages of air filtration
• Low electrical use, low maintenance                    
• Quiet operation
• Variable speed controller for ozonator function
• High quality solid wooden box
• Stainless steel construction
• No chemicals or no residual contamination
• Energy saving, only consumes 20 watts of power      
• Coverage area: 3,500sq ft.



  • 11.3 TRILLION ions generated per second
  • 110V AC/60Hz
  • 12-15 kV power supply (43W)
  • 120 cfm 12 volt DC variable speed fan
  • Height: 12.5"; Width: 8.25"; Length 9.10"
  • Weight 18 lbs
Fan Speed Specification
Low Speed Medium Speed High Speed
40 CFM 160 CFM 70 CFM
25 dB 33 dB 38 dB

*CFM = Cubic Feet per Minute
*dB = decibel sound



The 300a is a two stage air purifier with a negative ion generator and a dual-ceramic ozone plate filter. The 300a’s ozone function can oxidize the particles in the air and eliminate indoor contaminates. By significantly reducing various particulates in the air such as smoke, bacteria, dust, and allergens, the 300a can greatly reduce the irritation of these contaminants to allergies. The unit is made of solid natural wood, no pressed wood or laminate exterior. There are also no costly filters to replace!



Save hundreds off retail price and get the Atlas Air Purifier for your home or office. Negative ions can be created around the clock to keep down dust and particles that cause allergies. The activated oxygen has a separate control. Activated oxygen is normally kept at modest levels in occupied spaces. To remove major odors, the unit may be adjusted to a higher level for a period of time. Some use a timer to completely deodorize the home or office while away. Unused O3 reverts back to O2 in about an hour.

UPC: 859456002034





Compare for yourself and see the difference!
Comparison Atlas Air Purifier Other Brands
Housing  Solid Cherry Hardwood Pressed Wood, Laminated exterior
ION Emitter  High FLOW, in front of fan.  Low Flow.
Unobstructed Ionization permits ions to freely exit unit. Inside unit stays cleaner and Ionizer is more effective  Behind the Fan
  Obstructs Ionization and can cause buildup inside the unit
Ion Generator  More Powerful Generation Less Powerful
Creates more effective ionization  Emits fewer ions 
Double Emitters  Highly efficient, Dual Emitter Plates simply Single Emitter
emit more ions. Made of high quality stainless steel wire grid. Emits fewer ions. Point is cone shaped and thus burns back to a thicker part of the needle 
3 Year Factory Warranty Guaranteed 3 Year factory warranty N/A Online or at Wholesale Prices
Plate Access  Easy as inserting a CD into player Difficult - Must unscrew back of unit and then disassemble to remove or install plates 
Internal Components  100% Stainless Steel Cheap metals that corrode within weeks.
Will not corrode from ozone 
Controls  Dual adjustable setting dials  On/Off



Reviews (1)
Name : Anonymous
Review : quiet happy customer the dude

I live in California. Do restrictions include all ionizer ozonators?

Hi, Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, the restriction does not include all ionizers ozonators.

hey, I want to buy one of these but Im from Romania, Europe and I need a converter, so what kind of plug does the 300A have? 2 pin or 3 pin? Thanks

HI, This unit comes with 3 pins and its literally for 110V AC/60Hz so to use this unit in Europe you need to buy a transformer adapter for it to work but unfortunately we do not sell that. Thank you

How/why would this purifier effect dogs or small pets?

Hello, The ozone in the 300a can affect dog just as it affects human when in the same room with d air purifier. It is best to use ozone in an unoccupied place that way you can keep the dof outside while turned on or take the dog or pet for a walk to be safe.

Is it ok to use if you have birds?

hello, Ozone air purifier is basically used in an unoccupied without pets. If you have birds, you can put them in the cage at the garage or patio to use the ozone air purifier. Thanks

So will I have to turn this on and off each time I want to use it or can you turn it on and leave it on until ready to turn off ! Thanks Karen

Hello, Yes you can turn it on and leave it on until ready to turn off but it is advice able you turn it off at intervals to give the machine a rest. Thank you

Is there any possibility this product could be made with a 240V power supply? I know voltage converters are available but I don't believe they are usually meant to be operated for extended periods of time (overnight). I have had 2 of them fail previously after being powered on for 8hrs continously and they are not cheap to replace. Thanks in advance for your help. Regards Pat

No, we do not produce these in 240V. The 9088 black Ionic is the one which has a power supply which can be used with 110 and 240 V.

Can you program your machine to come on and go off? Thx, Diana

The model 300A is fully analog and will need to manually turn on and off. If you are looking for a programable timer, you can purchase one at any appliance store. If you would like to upgrade to our newer model which has a programable timer built-in, you can purchase one on our website, (Model: 303CHO) -Danny

How much ozone does this unit put out per hour?

The Model 300A produce about 360mg of ozone per hour.

Hello, I'm living in South Korea and would like to get an approximate price on how much the Atlus 300A Air Purifier Ozone Ionizer Breezer will cost to ship. I also understand that a voltage converter will be fine to operate it over here(220V, 60Hz), correct? Thankyou very much. Justin

Hi Justin, I'm glad that you are interested in our products. For your concern, we do international shipping ,but you need to give me your specific address in South Korea, we can calculate your shipping fee with our software. Yes, this air purifier is operated in 110 voltage, so you need a voltage converter. Best Regards Michael

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